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Charles Gilman Currier is one of Tennessee’s twenty-four Board Certified criminal defense lawyers.

Mr. Currier has been representing defendants since 1983 when he graduated from the University of Tennessee College of Law. Mr. Currier has successfully represented defendants charged with virtually every sort of crime from capital murder to white collar offenses, from drug offenses to sexual offenses ranging from charges of child abuse to pornography and rape.
His practice has been marked with individual care and focused work to meet the needs of individual clients. White collar defenses have included embezzlement and fraud cases. He has defended individuals and companies charged with licensure violations, including contractors, physicians and other medical professionals including nurses, as well as persons facing deprivation of hunting and fishing privileges. Clients profited from his training in securities law in their defense against accusations of securities fraud.

Up-front Analysis and Preparation of Your Case:
  • Every case is different, and you need as early as possible a detailed analysis of your case and the experienced counsel Mr. Currier can give you to plan and execute your defense. His practice is active in both state and federal courts. In addition to trial work, he has handled appeals throughout Tennessee’s appellate courts including the Tennessee Supreme Court and the Federal Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati.
  • In addition to criminal defense, Mr. Currier is an experienced immigration defense lawyer and has successfully handled contested cases for persons seeking political asylum and other relief. He has successfully defended persons whom the government sought to deport.
Most legal actions taken against a person carry some social stigma, but Mr. Currier’s compassionate care for his clients includes dogged efforts to repair, as much as possible, the damage done by publicity. He does not seek out or curry favor with the media at his clients’ expense. Persons charged with sexual crimes such as DUI, rape, rape of a child, exploitation of minors, child neglect and abuse, sexual battery have found Mr. Currier to be understanding, caring, and thorough.

Before entering private practice, Mr. Currier served as a US Foreign Service Officer in Asia, the Middle East and Africa, as well as at the State Department in Washington.

Mr. Currier speaks French, Arabic,  and Vietnamese, and has a working knowledge of Spanish.
Je parle le français couramment. J’etais étudiant à Bruxelles pendent une année après mon sérvice militaire et mes études à l’université de Columbia à New-York.
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